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Design Custom Parka Jackets With Your Embroidery, Logo, Fabric & Color.

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We take you on an insightful journey of discovering endless options and solutions leading to the ideal customized parka coat or jacket that will add a dash of uniqueness to your appearance. Whether it is an anorak, a snorkel parka, cagoule jacket or down coat, fishtail parka or a combination of different elements. We'll assist you every step of the way.


From insulation material such as wool, fleece, thinsulate or goose down, to nylon, cotton and polyester that are a few outer-shell options you have. Possibilities of water-proofing fabrics and experimenting with style elements. We even accommodate synthetic alternatives, with synthetic filling that include primaloft, hollofil, quallofil and others.

Parka Jackets

We'll gladly assist you in choosing colours, fabrics, design elements or go through detail options and ultimately give you a Custom Parka Jacket that is best suited to your individuality and requirements.

Parka Coats

Dealing with parka coats and a wide range of options, we assist you on a one on one basis. Helping you determine what works best, based on style, requirements and living. From colour to design, detailing, filling and function.